7 Hard Truths About Life You Need To Learn Top SEO Specialist

7 Hard Truths About Life You Need To Learn

Life is meaningful yet difficult.
We do not make our life easier sometimes. We have some bad habits and notions that are not correct, or harmful to us.
In this article, I will list 7 hard truths about our life we need to learn. You may hate me more because of the truth number 7.

Truth 1: We Control Our Lives. We Give Our Lives Meaning

7 Hard Truths About Life You Need To Learn Top SEO Specialist
We control our lives (Credit: Giphy.com)

Having a meaningful life is your choice.

You don’t have to go out and end the crime to have a meaningful life. Instead, you can go out and help the homeless people in your neighbourhood.

We often are too focused on what we do not have in our life and what we want. In fact, this makes our lives empty no matter what we have done, or how much we have achieved.

Truth 2: There is no Perfect Relationship

Nothing is perfect! (Credit: Giphy.com)

Many people think a perfect romantic partner is out somewhere for them in their lives. They dream of their perfect partner who will wait for them.

We all like daydreaming about the perfect match sometime, but it has several bad effects. We might end up having a high standard when we meet people. It might also affect our real relationships when people do not meet our picture perfect dreams.

Although there is no perfect partner, it does not mean we should have someone who we are miserable with. It means that we should understand others better. We should expect to put work into a relationship. A good relationship is a masterpiece of art. You and your partner are the tools. Both of you should work together to make it great.

Truth 3: Everything Ends

It is true. It sounds harsh, but everything ends. Nothing lasts forever.

We are only young for a little while and then we will be old. We live and then we die.

Many people before us have lived, loved, succeeded, and died. We have to remember that we are not going to be any different.

Although it sounds depressing, we should feel grateful in this life. Time and endings eventually make things valuable. We have to appreciate things around us.

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Truth 4: Life is a game

You might hear about this one before: life is a game.

We learn from our life and experience. We “level up” when we achieve the goal.

We should think of it as a game. We plan for ourselves and decide what we want to do. We cannot achieve anything if we are not willing to take a risk.

Truth 5: Be realistic about the big things

There are some things in our life we need to be realistic.

If you want to be a successful businessman, you can’t just do a few tasks and then you will become a millionaire. You have to be patient, accept the failure, learn from the mistake, promote your work.

Most things worth doing take energy and time.

Truth 6: Don’t Complain Or Find Out The Way To Solve The Problem

You must have met someone who does nothing but only complains everything. You might think, “why this person does not just change it?”

Let’s be honest, you are not much better. Sometimes you complain in the same way too. You might complain the coffee tastes too strong, you complain your employer is too picky, or you think you can’t learn certain things, etc.

The hard truth is that complaints cannot change things.

We need to be proactive and think that there is a way or a solution. Otherwise, we only complain ourselves about everything.

Truth 7: Everyone You Love Will Die

Sorry, not sorry. This is the harshest truth: everyone eventually dies.

Everyone you know won’t be around forever. Including me, so many people feel an unrelenting sense of regret when someone they loved is gone. Parents, grandparents, friends, partners – they all will die one day.

We never know when they are no longer with us.

Our relationship are the meaningful thing in our life. We should be happy with it.


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