6 Reasons Why Taking More Holidays Can Make You More Productive

Are you feeling in a slump at work?

Have you considered to take more holidays?

According to Canada Life Group Insurance, over 20 percent of employees did not take enough holidays allowance in 2015. It has become a trend since 2014.

The main reason is because many employees felt guilty to take the paid holiday leave.

In fact, some scientific research shows that more holidays can make the employees happier, healthier, and more productive at work.

In this article, I will show you six reasons why taking more holidays can make you more productive, and I am sure you will be surprised the reason number 6.

Reason 1: Employees Can Have Better Work Performance

Traveling can be good (credit: giphy.com)

According to the Office of National Statistics, struggles with work-life balance can have a negative impact on work performance.

Interestingly, when the employees have more time away from the office, they have better performance at the workplace.

In 2006, Ernst & Young did an internal study and showed its employees had 8 percent better work performance after having additional 10 hours of holiday.

Reason 2: Employer Take Fewer Unplanned Sick Days

Employees feel healthier when they have more holidays! (Credit: Giphy.com)

A few studies show that the employees like to use more holiday entitlement take fewer sick days.

Isn’t this interesting? Before the employees prepare for the holiday, they need to prepare for additional works. They would have communications with their co-workers with different tasks before their holidays.

However, the employees would feel like doing last-minutes tasks when they needed to take the unplanned sick days.

Reason 3: Better Long-term heart health

Heart health is important. A government report shows that the employees, who have not taken enough holiday,  are more likely to suffer a heart attack.

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Framingham Hear Study also have a similar suggestion. The report suggests that not taking holiday can be unhealthy for women. Women who take their holiday fewer than once every six years have more risk to develop heart diseases.

So, it is good to take more holidays because it is good for the heart health.

Reason 4: Have better sleep

More holidays mean better sleep! (Credit: giphy.com)

The work-related issue can affect the quality of sleep. Spending more hours at the office and project-related stress are the major causes of insufficient sleep for many people. Insufficient sleep, less than 6 hours per day, is one of the reasons why the employees have bad work performance.

A study from Hardvard shows that sleep deprivation can cost American companies over 60 billion dollars per year. However, taking the holiday can help people reset the sleep pattern and improve the quality of sleep.

Reason 5: Increase Creativity and Inspiration

Many employers want the employees with creativity. Travelling gives people an opportunity to explore a new subject. Experiencing the new subject provide a chance to flex the mind and learn the new idea. Nevertheless, taking holidays can also give people some sort of inspiration.

Reason 6: More Holidays, Less Employee Turnover

This may surprise you. Employee turnover can cost the businesses a lot of money. According to a study, it shows that the cost of losing an employee can cost from 16 percent of the hourly salary for the employee, up to over 200 percent of the salary for a more senior level or higher trained position.

According to the report from the Society for Human Resource Management, more holidays for the employees result in higher employee retention and less turnover. It is because the employee feels happier and more positive to their job position.



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