5 Lazy Ways To Trick You Into Being Productive

Are you being unproductive and lazy?

Forcing yourself to be more productive is not easy. You can pull some tricks on you to make yourself more productive.

In this article, I will show you 5 lazy ways to make you more productive, and you will love the method 4.

Method 1: Use Your Room Lighting and Temperature to Boost Productivity

5 Lazy Ways To Trick You Into Being Productive - AP2 Toronto SEO Specialist

Bright and Warm Room Can Increase Productivity (Credit: Giphy.com)

Correct temperature and lighting in your room can play an important role in productivity.

According to one study from Cornell that examined temperature and productivity, when the room temperature raises from 20 ° C to 25 °C, the employees reduces errors by 44%.

If your room is too cold, it actually can make you less productive, and you can easily make mistakes. On the other hand, more lighting comes in your room can improve your productivity.

So, open the curtains and make your room warmer.

Method 2: Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

5 Lazy Ways To Trick You Into Being Productive - AP2 Toronto SEO Specialist

Coffee helps! (Credit: giphy.com)

A cup of coffee can increase your productivity, and you should go down to your local coffee shop to buy coffee.

In fact, when you want to focus on a job, cut yourself off from the distraction, the noise of a coffee shop can actually help you focus. Indeed, it sounds strange. Some studies point out, it is all about the right level of distraction to get the productivity.

So, if you are stuck in the middle of an unproductive day, go to your local coffee shop to buy a coffee. It is a way to trick your brain back into work harder.

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Method 3: Procrastination can be Productive

It is true that productive procrastination is a thing.

List all the things you have to do on your To-Do List and start to do the less painful and easy tasks first.

In fact, you are performing a mental trick. When you complete each smaller task, the more important and bigger one seems less painful.

Productive procrastination is not working all the time, especially when you have many big tasks to do within a short period of time. Yet, it is a certain way to help you to start your day.

Method 4: Take a Nap

5 Lazy Ways To Trick You Into Being Productive - AP2 Toronto SEO Specialist

A power nap can boost productivity. (Credit: Giphy.com)

When nothing goes right at that moment, take a nap.

Actually, it is not a bad idea. According to some study, taking a nap at the perfectly time can boost your productivity. The best time to have a powerful nap is between 1pm to 3pm, and you should keep it at about 15 to 20 minutes.

Also, a power nap can have more benefits than you think. It can also boost your memory, cognitive ability, etc.

The power nap may be the laziest way to increase your productivity, but it works well.

Method 5: Take a Break and Watch Cat Videos

5 Lazy Ways To Trick You Into Being Productive - AP2 Toronto SEO Specialist

Yes, watch a cat video helps! (Credit: giphy.com)

Yes, watching cat videos can help.

This only works after you work for a long hour on a few tasks. It is good to take a break as focusing can drain a lot of energy. You don’t want to hurt your productive day.

A small break is a reward for finishing many tasks.

You can also go for a nice walk, listen to music, read a book, etc. You can do something you like.



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