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Google AdWords Certification Exams: Is it necessary?

There are lots of debates regarding Google Adwords Exams. Some believes that it is good to take, but other believes that it wastes of time. Recently, Google refreshed the AdWords Search Advertising exam and updated the platform features and industry trends.

What is new in the Search Advertising Exam? Here are some of the new topics:

  • Search Advertising Trends
  • Call-only ads
  • Mobile Ads
  • Remarketing Lists of Search Ads
  • Enhanced cost-per click (ECPC)
  • Auction insights, paid and organic reports, segments
  • Cross-device conversions
  • Opportunities tab

The exam format is still 100 questions and you have to finish it in 120 minutes. To pass the exam, you need to get 80% correct.

Benefits of the exam

Digital Marketers should not think that the exam is wasting their time. Google keeps updating the information for the latest search advertising. Studying the exam is a way to keep yourself update.

If you fail the exam once, you can retake it after 7 days.

Also it is completely free.

The study guide has been updated to include the new exam content.

So why would you fear to take the exam?

Some Google Adwords Exam Questions

An advertiser who sells designer dresses is selecting a landing page to pair with new ads for spring dresses. A good landing page for the spring dress collection ads would display

  • a page of the top-selling dresses for all seasons
  • a catalog of all dresses available on the website
  • several colors of spring dresses
  • spring dresses, skirts, belts, and shoes

Solution: I choose several colors of spring dresses. Other answers are either too board or unrelated. The closest answer for “spring dress collection” here would be colours of spring dresses.

Exact Match Impression Share metrics:

  • are available for both Search and Display Network campaigns
  • summarize impression share statistics for all keywords currently set to exact match
  • calculate impression share as if all keywords were set to exact match
  • are only available at the account level

Solution: It is quite direct. You can find the answer in the study guide.