If content is king, then these 35 clickbait titles are...Top SEO Specialist

If content is king, then these 35 clickbait titles are…

Apparently, this article title is a click-bait title.

Have you wondered what clickbait is?

This article will explain what the clickbait is and will show you 50 funny click-bait titles that make you cry.

Clickbait Title: It is common on Buzzfeed and Cracked

When you go to Buzzfeed or Cracked.com, it is not difficult to find all clickbait titles. The title apparently indicates that the article would be a list and not just an article. It makes the reader know what the link is going to be before clicking.

In fact, click-baiting is a form of social media marketing where the advertisers use some catchy titles, descriptions, or headlines in order to attract the users to click on them. It is a common practice for them to generate the revenue. (Sometimes, the advertisers also use catchy photos, gifs, or video snippets for the same purpose.)

There are some emotions and psychology ideas behind the clickbait titles.

Most readers clicking the articles because of fear, anticipation, surprise, or curious. There are many different forms cause and effect emotions of the clickbait titles.

On the other hand, the clickbait titles also create a certain state in the reader’s mind where they know the content of the link without reading the whole article.

Many media brands, such as Buzzfeed, the Huffington Post, New York Times, etc use click baiting techniques in order to attract the reader to click their links.

35 funny click-bait titles

There are a lot of click-bait articles online, but some of them can be very funny. Here are some funny ones I found.

  1. Why you should forget everything you learned about penis
  2. 11 ways investing in penis can make you a millionaire
  3. 10 ways penis can help you live to 100
  4. Why penis is destroying America
  5. 7 things Lady Gaga has in common with penis
  6. 101 unusual uses of penis
  7. 6 reasons to be addicted to penis
  8. What the government doesn’t want you to know about penis
  9. The rise of Penis and how to make it stop
  10. Guns don’t kill people — Penis kills people
  11. Why Penis sucks
  12. 12 deadly uses for cats
  13. Cats die every minute you don’t read this article
  14. 9 reasons you can blame the recession on cats
  15. The Secret To Lying While Still Being Lesbian
  16. The Real Problem Is The White House – Says The NSA
  17. The Truth Behind Kids And New Yorkers
  18. Has Feminism Actually Just Been A Vehicle For Intellectualism All Along?
  19. Jesus Finally Admits To Being Depressed – What?!
  20. Some Call It The Solution To Donald Trump. They Call It A Living Nightmare.
  21. 39 Cats Who Have Performed For Dictators
  22. The Big Boobs will melt your heart into a happy puddle
  23. The 10 commandments of Donald Trump
  24. The least hardcore funny streamer to smoke scary pussy
  25. 8 ways procrastination has been involved in political scandals
  26. 10 hipsters the government is trying to keep secret
  27. 7 ways cocaine could cure cancer
  28. Why Facebook should scare you more than Osama Bin Laden
  29. If content is king, then cocaine is…
  30. The only 7 cocaine resources you will ever need
  31. What the world would look like if Facebook disappeared tomorrow
  32. If Donald Trump had a love child with Satan it would look like this
  33. 10 ways people have gotten rich exploiting dog poos
  34. Think You’re Not Homophobic? Maybe You Should Listen To This Meth Coach.
  35. If You Can Watch This And Not Feel Surprised, Then You Are Made Of Ice.



Visual Marketing: How Do People React To It?

An image contains a thousand words. It is powerful. A good image can engage audiences, and you should use images in most of your marketing.

In this infographic, I will show you how people interact with images online.

Visual: A Powerful Content Marketing Tool

People do not like to read plain texts online. Too many words in an article, without any visual content, cannot drive more traffic and reduce the engagement rate.  Visual marketing is important because people can respond better to visual information than plain text. Our brain can also proceed 60,000 times faster with any visual contents than plain texts only.

Social media users more likely prefer pictures or videos. On Facebook, photos and videos perform better than plain texts. People prefer to share, comment, or like pictures.

Visual Marketing: How Do People React To It? | Apartment Number 2 Tony Yeung Toronto Social Media Marketing Specialist
(Credit: http://ignite-images.co.uk)

Consequently, visual contents are important. There are many ways to use them. For example, the images and videos can be used for an event. You can use high quality of product images in your online store.

So, how do you use visual contents for your marketing?

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If content is king, then these 35 clickbait titles are...Top SEO Specialist

If content is king, then these 35 clickbait titles are…

Apparently, this article title is a click-bait title. Have you wondered what clickbait is? This article will explain what the ...
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5 Content Mistakes I Need to Avoid in 2017 from Tony Yeung Toronto SEO SPecialist

5 Content Mistakes I Need to Avoid in 2017

I made lots of mistakes in the past year, and those mistakes could affect the SEO.

In this article, I will show my 5 content mistakes (and it is good to avoid them!)

My Content mistakes = Lesson

I make mistakes all the time. It is important to know the mistakes and learn from them. Content marketing has been changed in the past few year. It’s 2017, here are some mistakes I learned in the past and I would avoid in this year.

(1) Not Maintaining a Consistent Blog

Perhaps this is the Generation-Me problem: no long term and consistent plan. When many young bloggers started their blogs, they had lots of creative and new ideas. Unfortunately, 90% of these blogs end up never maintain well. I am in the same boat, unfortunately. I realise I am one of those people who did not like to manage the blog in the past few years.

In 2017, it is time for me to change.

A well-functioning website to display my services and brand my service is important. A blog does not guarantee to have inbound leads, traffic opportunities or stable clients. Regularly posting good contents is the key factor to increase traffic, connect to people, and brand your business. Readers want to know more contents and they want to get it through blogs.

What I learn: Update my website consistently with new contents.

(2) Misusing Social Media

Social Media is great and free, but I learned that I have to use it wisely. Social Media is not just for me to post links online. Nobody would read it without clear contents. People would lose interested when I just posted the links. They would also think the link is a spam.

Understanding my audience on social media is important, interaction with my audience on social media is a way to brand my reputation.

What I learn: Use social media to connect people in my industry.

(3) Bad Grammar and no proofread.

When I was a student, I did not like to proofread my essay. This became my habit when I wrote this blog. The bad writing posts could be worse on the social media platform.

I think I have missed a lot of opportunities because of my bad writing blog posts. People judge you quickly based on the quality of the content that you created.

There is nothing more unprofessional in online content than misspelt words or confusing contents.

What I learn: Proofread before I publish the content.

(4) Quantity over Quality

When I started to build a website at the first time, I produced a large amount of content. I thought it was a good plan. In fact, it can be harmful to publish too many contents. Too many different kinds of contents may confuse the audience. It can easily get some people who are not my target audience.

I learned that it takes times to build up a good quality of contents. And it does not just fill a page to leave the impression to people.

(5) Only Using One Tactic

When I started my business, I only built a website with few pages. In fact, that is not enough. Staying stuck in just one tactic can limit my reach and my creative powers.

On the other hand, people like to find and learn something new online. A website with dull contents could not be interesting. Presenting a good quality of contents needs to use different tactics. Using some eye-catching contents, such as infographics or videos, can get people’s attention and drive more traffic to my website.

What I learned: Using social media platforms, blogs, infographics, videos, and more different tactics.

Wrapping Up

My content mistakes can be your lesson. I am not the only one who have made all these mistakes. People can make other mistakes, such as not focus on SEO, no content goals, or not focus on mobile site.

So, what other content mistakes have you done?


7 Best Free SEO Tools for Link Building from Tony Yeung Toronto SEO Specialist

7 Best Free SEO Tools for Link Building

Are you looking for free link building SEO tools? You will love this guide.

Check My Links

Check My Links is a Chrome extension that can quickly check any website for broken links. It is a great tool to find the bad links and fix them quickly.

You can download it at Google Chrome Webstore:


Disavow.it is powerful. It helps you quickly to clean a Disavow file and upload to Google Search Console. You can apply your file to a list of spammy URLs to see which would and would not be disavowed.

The official website: http://disavow.it/

Domain Hunter Plus

Similar to Check My Links, Domain Hunter Plus can check if the broken link’s domain is available for registration. However, it is unlikely to find any free domain names. It’s because these domains are sold quickly.

You can download it at the official website: http://netvantagemarketing.com/about/domain-hunter-plus

Marie Haynes’ Blacklist

If you want to check your link, you can upload it to Marie Haynes’ blacklist tool. This tool can determine your link is helping or hurting your SEO. It will let you know if the domain is on her list of spammy website.

7 Best Free SEO Tools for Link Building from Tony Yeung Toronto SEO Specialist

Official Website: https://www.mariehaynes.com/blacklist/

Quick URL Opener

If you are an SEO specialist, you might need to use a tool to open a lot of URLs at once. Quick URL Opener can help you this task, and it is free.

7 Best Free SEO Tools for Link Building from Tony Yeung Toronto SEO Specialist

Official Website: http://quickurlopener.com/

Similar Content Prospecting Tool (SkyRocket)

Similar Content Prospecting Tool helps you find the relevant and authoritative website that already links to similar content.

7 Best Free SEO Tools for Link Building from Tony Yeung Toronto SEO Specialist


Siege Media Embed Code Generator

It can take a long time to create an embed code. Siege Media Embed Code Generator can help you this task! It allows you to set specific dimensions of the embed code box. It can help you save lots of time.

7 Best Free SEO Tools for Link Building from Tony Yeung Toronto SEO Specialist

Official Website: http://www.siegemedia.com/embed-code-generator



Contents Plagiarism: How to Identify the Stolen Contents and Take Actions from Tony Yeung TOronto SEO Specialist

Contents Plagiarism: How to Identify the Stolen Contents and Take Actions

Have your contents been stolen?

It is annoying to have someone who steals your content from your website. At the worst, the thefts can rank higher than you.

In this article, I will show how to take actions on the content thefts.

Identify Content Thefts

It takes countless hours to create good contents for your website. When you discover that someone has stolen most of your content and publish them on their website without your consent or credit, that situation could be very annoying.

The duplicate contents, nevertheless, can affect your website rankings on search engines. Recently, many users on Inbound have discussed stolen contents and asked for help.

Contents Plagiarism: How to Identify the Stolen Contents and Take Actions from Tony Yeung TOronto SEO Specialist

Here are some actions that webmasters can take.

First, the website owners should identify the contents. You can have a quick search on Google to determine what your contents show up on the Internet. You can select some contents on your website randomly to run a query. The first search result should be your website. If you found some identical contents on another site that is not owned by you, that means someone has copied your content.

Notes: When you can randomly select some contents on your website to run a query, do not search what you quote from another website. You end up getting search results from other website or the original person who you quoted from.


Once when you found the suspicious website on the search result, you should investigate. You should check that website to see if your contents were copied exactly without your consent. You can click “ctrl + F” to perform several searches of your contents on that website. Based on the several searches, if you can identify most of the contents are yours, you will have to take more actions against such plagiarism.

Take Action: (1) Contact the Webmaster

A few of actions you can take. I would not report to the search engine right after you identify your contents are being stolen.

In fact, this is another opportunity to build a backlink! If you notice the copycat website ranking higher than you, you should contact the webmaster for linking back to your website with your keyword and ask the webmaster to add “rel=canolical” tag.

This action can have few benefits. First, you can receive a good backlink from higher ranking site to your website. You receive some offsite SEO benefit. Second, the search engine would recognise the duplicate contents yet not consider as spam because of this backlink with rel=canolical tag. Third, a higher ranking website means it has some decent amount of traffic. The backlink can drive more traffic to your website.

If the webmaster refuses to create a link back to your website, you will have to take another step – ask the webmaster to delete the contents.

Note: you can also ask the website to have the nofollow link with rel=canolical tag. If you cannot find any contact information, you can also contact the web hosting provider.

Take Actions (2) Report to the Search Engine or file a DMCA request

Contents Plagiarism: How to Identify the Stolen Contents and Take Actions from Tony Yeung TOronto SEO Specialist
Ignore me?

If the webmaster ignores your request, you can file a report to the search engine. Google has a very clear guideline to protect your own contents.

On the other hand, you can file a DMCA request and Google will take the duplicated contents down. To file a DMCA request, you need to show that you are the business owner or the website owner. If you are the employee of the company, you need to have the authority to act on behalf your company before filing the report.

There are options for the request. You can go to the DMCA website and choose the options. You can choose to do the takedown or DMCA helps you to takedown. It takes about 7 to 10 days to process and have a respond.

Wrapping Up

Plagiarism is an unethical practice. Once when you verify the duplicated contents, you can take a few actions.

So what is your experience? what actions have you taken for plagiarism?

How to use Google Trends for good SEO keyword research and blogging contents from Tony Yeung Toronto Social Media Marketing Specialist

How to use Google Trends for good SEO keyword research and blogging contents

Do you think you have no new contents for your blog?

Have you done the latest topic research on Google Trends?

Google Trends is a great free tool for discovering new contents and even for SEO keyword research. In this article, I am going to show you how.

Google Trends: What People Like to Talk Around The World

Although Google is in control of your blogging success, i.e. good SEO practices, they are still giving people resources to help. Google Trends allows its users to use what people like to talk around the world at any given point. The user can see which searches are trending at that moment, and search for the same trending topics in the niche you are looking for.

There are four useful options to set and help you do the research

  • Web Search: Image, News, Product, etc.
  • Location: Option to choose a specific country. This is a powerful tool when you want to focus on certain location.
  • Timeframe: The timeframe is from 2004 to present. You can choose a year, past 12 months, 90days, 30 days, or  7 days.
  • Categories: You can choose specific topics based on categories, such as fitness, business, etc.
How to use Google Trends for good SEO keyword research and blogging contents from Tony Yeung Toronto Social Media Marketing Specialist
You can make comparison of few different keywords

You can compare few search terms or groupings at one time, with up to 25 search terms in each group.

For example:

  • Top+SEO+Agency (Grouping 1)
  • Digital+Marketing+Agency (Grouping Two)
  • Social+Media+Marketing+Expert (Group Three)

I found the top and related queries are quite useful. Google Trends show you either the most popular search queries or the queries with the biggest increase in search frequency. I use related queries and keyword planner from Google Adwords for the keyword research. Google Trends can give me the data of what people like to search but it does not give me the exact number. (I will cover this more below)


Google Trends also breaks down the data by different locations and region. You can use this function to target at the area with the greatest level of interest. This function is great for local SEO or geo-targeted PPC.

Content Creation and News Jacking

What is news jacking? According to Search Engine Land, it is a process by which you inject ideas or angles into breaking news, in real-time, in order to generate media coverage for yourself or your business.” I tested this concept on one of my blog posts about George Michael, and it worked well.

What you need to do for news jacking is to choose a trending topic, write a blog post that connects your niche to the trending topic, and tweet it with established hashtag(s).

However, this might not be a good SEO practice if you overly do it. People would consider your website is too spammy or even a link farm content site.

So how to create a good content? Top charts is the resource for developing content idea that people are interested in.

Let’s say I am new to SEO and looking for some popular contents for SEO. I would like to know what people tend to search about SEO on Google. Google Trends would tell me “Google SEO”, “SEO WordPress”, “WordPress” etc are some phrases that people like to search, and they are related to SEO. So I would go Keyword Planner to look for these terms and find more related keywords.

Link building

Building links are still very important for the good SEO practice. By creating the content with the trending topic, people would like to look for and want to read. You will attract links or other people who would like to link back to your site.

TL;DR: Google Trends is great

Google Trends is a great tool for developing contents with good keywords. It gives you what people like to read based on the location, type of contents, etc.

So what do you think? Would you start to use it now?

How to have a good SEO practice in 2017

Are you planning the SEO for 2017?

Do you know there are some new practices for SEO?

In this article, I will show you the SEO practices that you need to focus on in 2017.

Ultimate Goal of SEO: Increase traffic and rankings from Search Engine

The ultimate goal of SEO is to improve a volume of web traffic to a website. Many businesses are looking for effective SEO techniques to boost their business website with more traffic and awareness from the public. Although many businesses advertise their websites on the Google Adwords, the good SEO techniques are still very important. It is because if you overdo it, the search engine can consider your website as a spam website and you will have a penalty. On the other hand, the cost of advertising on Adwords are getting more expensive when the market gets more efficient.

In the below infographic, it lists most of the important factors for good SEO techniques.

How to have a good SEO practice in 2017 from Tony Yeung, Toronto Digital Marketing Specialist
SEO Practice from https://www.leapfroggr.com/

More SEO Practices

Namely, while having social media platforms are one of the factors for SEO, having the connection with other influencers in the same industry is also important. Guest blogging and writing comments on other well-influenced websites are some typical examples to have good SEO practices.

As I have mentioned in other post, mobile-friendly and secured websites (HTTPS) also plays important roles for SEO because most searches are coming from mobile devices.

So are you going to change your SEO practices in 2017?


How to increase your organic traffic from Medium to your Website from Tony Yeung Toronto Social Media Marketing Specialist

How to increase your organic traffic from Medium to your Website

Are you looking for a new way to increase your organic traffic?

Is your strategy included Medium?

In this article, I am going to map out how to increase your website traffic with Medium.com

Medium – a new platform to raise your voice

Medium is founded by Twitter co-founder, Evan Williams, and it is a social media platform to raise your voice. I have been using it since 2012. Many people criticised the whole platform when it launched, but I didn’t give up and I believed it was a good platform.

Today, many writers, politicians, and reporters use it for sharing their contents.

How to increase your organic traffic from Medium to your Website from Tony Yeung Toronto Social Media Marketing Specialist
The official WordPress Plug-In of Medium

The biggest advantage of Medium is to connect your website to Medium. If you are using WordPress, you can download their official plug-in.

I use this plug-in to publish my posts automatically to my Medium profile and publication. And it is a tool that I use to increase my website traffic.

So how to do that?

First, install the plug-in. In order to connect your WordPress site to Medium, you need a token from Medium. To get it, you have to go to your Medium profile > Settings > Integration tokens > Get Integration Tokens

How to increase your organic traffic from Medium to your Website from Tony Yeung Toronto Social Media Marketing Specialist
You can generate your token at your Medium Profile

After you generate the token, you have to go to your WordPress site > users > your user account > Medium > Paste the Token at Integration Token section

How to increase your organic traffic from Medium to your Website from Tony Yeung Toronto Social Media Marketing Specialist
Put your token in your WordPress site

The token is a key to connect your website to WordPress. I would not share the token to anyone.

After you save your profile, you will able to see a new box at your post section (Top Right Corner). That is your setting to publish your content to your Medium profile automatically.

How to increase your organic traffic from Medium to your Website from Tony Yeung Toronto Social Media Marketing Specialist
The UI of WordPress “Posts” Section after connecting Medium to WordPress

General Benefits: Increase the Traffic

So here are few tips to increase your website from Medium:

  • Popular Tags: Medium has been focusing on the tag function since 2015. You can put up to 5 tags at your Medium article. I put one or two popular Medium tags at your WordPress articles. Once when I publish my article on my website, it will automatically publish to my Medium profile with these tags. People would immediately see your article on Medium. Popular tags can drive more people from Medium to read your article and increase the traffic.
  • Specific Tags: I also put some specific tags, i.e. specific keywords on my article. It is for SEO reasons. Medium popular tags are quite general. If you put all popular tags, it might not be good for SEO. So, I would mix popular tags and specific tags in your article. For example, if my article is about Influence Marketing on Social Media, I would use “Social Media”, “Business” for popular tags, and “Influence Marketing”, “Marketing Trends”, etc for specific tags. People have specific interests and then they will search specific topics. Having specific tags help you bring more target audience. It also increases the traffic.
  • Publications: Medium publications help writers gain more readers. If you can publish your article in one of the major publication, your article will receive lots of traffic. If you have edit your article and have clear anchor text linking back to your website, the chance to have more people to click the link and go to your website is higher. Popular publications is one of the powerful function in Medium. Having your article in popular publications can drive more traffic.

SEO Benefits: Drive more traffic for a long term

  • Signature at Medium: many people just automatically publish their articles from their website and never go to their Medium profile to edit their article. I see people always have the same sentence at the end of their article “Originally published at their website.” They miss lots of SEO opportunities. You can create a no-follow backlink on Medium and link back to your website. I also go back to my medium to edit my article and put the anchor text and link back to my website. This link does have some SEO benefit, and it also can bring some people’s attention and click your website to view more contents of yours.
  • Including One or two “Internal backlinks” in your article: When you write and publish the article, you would do it at your website first. Then once when you post, the medium plug-in would automatically publish on your Medium profile. If you have few internal backlinks linking back to your previous articles on your website, it will turn out two different kinds of links — (1) internal backlinks to your website, (2) no-follow backlinks from Medium linking back to your website. So you create two different backlinks by doing one job (WHY NOT!) Also, the no-follow backlink from Medium.com would drive traffic back to your website when someone read and click that link from Medium.com. However, do not over do it because search engine would consider too many internal backlinks as spam. Too many internal backlinks in one article is not a good SEO practice. I also suggest people only put one or two links in each of your article. 

Future Projects on Medium: Also benefits?


How to increase your organic traffic from Medium to your Website from Tony Yeung Toronto Social Media Marketing Specialist
Medium staffs would invite you to join their latest projects if you are a good writer.

Medium has been working on few projects to help more writers get most out of Medium. If you publish your high-quality contents regularly and consistently. Medium staffs would notice and send you an email (please put your valid email in your Medium profile and check your email regularly) and invite you join their latest project.

I joined one or two these projects in the past and it definitely helped me get more traffic and followers on Medium. Also, it brought me some traffic back to my website.

Medium is not only a social media platform, but you can also use it to generate more traffic to your website and have SEO benefits.

So, what do you think?

Top 15 Best and Most Recommended SEO Tools for 2016 from Tony Yeung Toronto SEO Specialist

Top 15 Best and Most Recommended SEO Tools for 2016

Too many SEO tools in the market?

Are you looking for the best SEO tool?

In this article, I am going to wrap up the most recommended SEO tool in 2016.

Most powerful and recommended SEO tools in 2016

Search is hard. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is getting more difficult to do. SEO has been once considered as a passing trend. According to Search Engine Land, the industry is worth $65 billion and it is still growing. (IMO, search engine would not slow down when more users are going to search online). Many entrepreneurs understand the importance of organic traffic and SEO nowadays.

It is easy to get lost online when there are many SEO tools available. Many of them take time and money to sort out your need. However, you are not really sure how it works until you pay for it. PageTraffic has put a list with 15 most recommended SEO tools for 2016 so it is easier for everyone to find these tools.

Top 15 Best and Most Recommended SEO Tools for 2016 from Tony Yeung Toronto SEO Specialist


Let's Wrap Up: Google's Top Trending Searches of 2016 from Tony Yeung, Toronto Digital Marketing Specialist

Let’s Wrap Up: Google’s Top Trending Searches of 2016

What are the top trending searches of 2016 on Google?

Pokemon Go? Donald Trump? or something else?

Let’s wrap up the most popular searches in 2016 in this article.

Google Worldwide Popular Searches of 2016

Google has released the year in review of the most popular searches and stories of 2016. The report has done by country and category.

Here are Google’s top 10 worldwide searches of 2016:

  1. Pokémon Go
  2. iPhone 7
  3. Donald Trump
  4. Prince
  5. Powerball
  6. David Bowie
  7. Deadpool
  8. Olympics
  9. Slither.io
  10. Suicide Squad

(I love slither.io, such a great game! )

The list is only slightly different from the top 10 US searches of 2016. The most popular search in the US was “Powerball”, but it is only at the 5th position worldwide. Perhaps people can play powerball in the US only.

  1. Powerball
  2. Prince
  3. Hurricane Matthew
  4. Pokémon Go
  5. Slither.io
  6. Olympics
  7. David Bowie
  8. Trump
  9. Election
  10. Hillary Clinton

How about Canada? It is very different from the US. The most popular search term in Canada is Donald Trump. While so many Canadian do not like the US culture and politics, I wonder why so many people search about Donald Trump in 2016.

  1. Donald Trump
  2. Pokémon Go
  3. Toronto Raptors
  4. Fort McMurray Fire
  5. Prince
  6. Olympics
  7. David Bowie
  8. World Cup of Hockey
  9. Brexit
  10. Canada Post Strike

In the tech world, people were most interested in smartphone devices.

  1. iPhone 7
  2. Freedom 251
  3. iPhone SE
  4. iPhone 6S
  5. Google Pixel
  6. Samsung Galaxy S7
  7. iPhone 7 Plus
  8. Note 7
  9. Nintendo Switch
  10. Samsung J7

Interestingly, American are more interested in iPhone SE than iPhone 7. Perhaps iPhone 7 is too expensive for most people while iPhone SE is cheaper.

Wrap Up: Popular Search in 2016

Google’s annual report gives up some idea what the most popular search in the year. For some bloggers, Google Trend is a great tool to do research on their latest contents. For the marketers, Google Trend is a great way to adopt popular searches into the marketing plan.