If content is king, then these 35 clickbait titles are...Top SEO Specialist

If content is king, then these 35 clickbait titles are…

Apparently, this article title is a click-bait title.

Have you wondered what clickbait is?

This article will explain what the clickbait is and will show you 50 funny click-bait titles that make you cry.

Clickbait Title: It is common on Buzzfeed and Cracked

When you go to Buzzfeed or Cracked.com, it is not difficult to find all clickbait titles. The title apparently indicates that the article would be a list and not just an article. It makes the reader know what the link is going to be before clicking.

In fact, click-baiting is a form of social media marketing where the advertisers use some catchy titles, descriptions, or headlines in order to attract the users to click on them. It is a common practice for them to generate the revenue. (Sometimes, the advertisers also use catchy photos, gifs, or video snippets for the same purpose.)

There are some emotions and psychology ideas behind the clickbait titles.

Most readers clicking the articles because of fear, anticipation, surprise, or curious. There are many different forms cause and effect emotions of the clickbait titles.

On the other hand, the clickbait titles also create a¬†certain state in the reader’s mind where they know the content of the link without reading the whole article.

Many media brands, such as Buzzfeed, the Huffington Post, New York Times, etc use click baiting techniques in order to attract the reader to click their links.

35 funny click-bait titles

There are a lot of click-bait articles online, but some of them can be very funny. Here are some funny ones I found.

  1. Why you should forget everything you learned about penis
  2. 11 ways investing in penis can make you a millionaire
  3. 10 ways penis can help you live to 100
  4. Why penis is destroying America
  5. 7 things Lady Gaga has in common with penis
  6. 101 unusual uses of penis
  7. 6 reasons to be addicted to penis
  8. What the government doesn’t want you to know about penis
  9. The rise of Penis and how to make it stop
  10. Guns don’t kill people — Penis kills people
  11. Why Penis sucks
  12. 12 deadly uses for cats
  13. Cats die every minute you don’t read this article
  14. 9 reasons you can blame the recession on cats
  15. The Secret To Lying While Still Being Lesbian
  16. The Real Problem Is The White House – Says The NSA
  17. The Truth Behind Kids And New Yorkers
  18. Has Feminism Actually Just Been A Vehicle For Intellectualism All Along?
  19. Jesus Finally Admits To Being Depressed – What?!
  20. Some Call It The Solution To Donald Trump. They Call It A Living Nightmare.
  21. 39 Cats Who Have Performed For Dictators
  22. The Big Boobs will melt your heart into a happy puddle
  23. The 10 commandments of Donald Trump
  24. The least hardcore funny streamer to smoke scary pussy
  25. 8 ways procrastination has been involved in political scandals
  26. 10 hipsters the government is trying to keep secret
  27. 7 ways cocaine could cure cancer
  28. Why Facebook should scare you more than Osama Bin Laden
  29. If content is king, then cocaine is…
  30. The only 7 cocaine resources you will ever need
  31. What the world would look like if Facebook disappeared tomorrow
  32. If Donald Trump had a love child with Satan it would look like this
  33. 10 ways people have gotten rich exploiting dog poos
  34. Think You’re Not Homophobic? Maybe You Should Listen To This Meth Coach.
  35. If You Can Watch This And Not Feel Surprised, Then You Are Made Of Ice.
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