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If You Ignore “Speed Is The New SEO”, You’ll Miss Out On Business

Site loading speed is one of the most important factors for SEO, but many people, including small and medium-sized business owners, do not realise the importance of page loading.

Google has a standard for good page loading speed. The standard implies that page loading speed is very important.

This article will look at the recent Google change and why the page speed matters.

Why The Page Loading Time Matters?

Many factors affect page loading time. Text, Images, CSS, HTML, etc can play the important roles on the page speed.

In order to determine the page loading time, Google has a point-based system to calculate the websites. The system has two main components of page speed: time to full page load and time to above-the-fold load.

There are many benefits of a fast loading site. It can receive over 25% more views in the advertisement and lower bounce rates. Its users would like to stay longer.

In other words, the faster your web page, the more revenue you will make. It is because page speed affects your conversions.

How Fast Is Fast?

This is not a philosophical question. Google sets a minimum speed for page loading as less than half a second. Sometimes the internet and the server response time can affect the page loading, so they set the threshold up to 2 seconds. Your website can be considered slow if it takes more than 2 seconds to load.

How to improve the Page Speed Loading?

While the business owner could miss out on the business opportunity because of the slow page speed, a few things can optimise in order to improve the speed.

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(1) Web hosting – Choose one of the most reliable web hosting company. Most of the major web hostings can assist with your loading speed and offer suggestions.

(2) Image Size – It is better to reduce the image sizes. It is because larger image sizes would reduce the page speed. GIF and PNG, PDF, can take longer to load in which affect the loading time.

(3) WP Plugins – There are many plugins that help page speed. It is good to try the different plugins, configure them correctly and test with Google PageSpeed Insights. On the other hand, some plugins can slow down the page loading time. The web developers need to figure out which plugins are slowing the site down.


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