Visual Marketing: How Do People React To It?

An image contains a thousand words. It is powerful. A good image can engage audiences, and you should use images in most of your marketing.

In this infographic, I will show you how people interact with images online.

Visual: A Powerful Content Marketing Tool

People do not like to read plain texts online. Too many words in an article, without any visual content, cannot drive more traffic and reduce the engagement rate.  Visual marketing is important because people can respond better to visual information than plain text. Our brain can also proceed 60,000 times faster with any visual contents than plain texts only.

Social media users more likely prefer pictures or videos. On Facebook, photos and videos perform better than plain texts. People prefer to share, comment, or like pictures.

Visual Marketing: How Do People React To It? | Apartment Number 2 Tony Yeung Toronto Social Media Marketing Specialist


Consequently, visual contents are important. There are many ways to use them. For example, the images and videos can be used for an event. You can use high quality of product images in your online store.

So, how do you use visual contents for your marketing?

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